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What the Experts Say...

"Generational Housing" is a college-level real estate marketing course wrapped up in a quick-reading 149 pages.

It is insightful in its division of America's generations into attitudes and preferences. It goes into detail on marketing approaches that are likely to be successful to various age groups based on life experiences and influences. But this is not just another sales guru how-to-get-their-money book that serves neither the consumer nor, ultimately, the professional.

"Generational Housing" reminds the true real estate professional that understanding the client's needs must come first.

Frank Cook, Editor
Real Estate Intelligence Report

Home buyers and home sellers are no longer a single dimensional group but a complex melting pot of many different generations.

It is imperative that brokers and agents read this book to fully master these different generational needs, wants and desires if they wish to succeed in the future."

Stefan Swanepoel, Best Selling Author and CEO of RealtyU Group

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What Skills do I need to be Successful in Today's Real Estate Market?
(Is your career at a crossroads?)

In such a consumer-centric real estate profession, knowing and understanding your client's needs and wants during the current economic crisis is key to your success in today's real estate market. As a consumer yourself, you look for the person or product that is going to serve you the best. Your clients are no different.

Create a unique working relationship with your clients by being the real estate agent who understands how their specific generational backgrounds impact their real estate decisions. Identify their needs and wants to earn and keep their repeat business and referrals. Become their Agent of Choice and make them a client for life.


Learn Timely Information that will Boost your Pool of Clients!

Within the United States there are distinct generational groups with common life experiences that influence their decision making. The timely GHS™ - Generational Housing Specialist™ gives insights into the division of generations by attitudes and preferences. The agent who understands these differences will attract a larger client base.

Can you Bridge the Generational Gap?

Generation Gap

Learning how to relate to and work effectively with different age groups will maximize your productivity. Matching the client to the right technology level, financing, and negotiating style will result in increased profitability. In the end, you will be able to facilitate transactions between all the parties, including the agents, and structure the transaction platform to achieve financial success for you and your client.

Generations in Your Workplace

This course has been created by the Generational Housing Specialist™ Council to assist any professional who works with real estate clients in understanding how generational traits affect the transaction. Managing generational personalities also affects the inter-office relationships within a brokerage and between cooperating agents. Brokers will benefit from the GHS™ for recruiting, retention and business optimization.

Explore More about the Generational Impact on Real Estate

The GHS™ Real Estate Course is a comprehensive look at the five groups (Millennials, Generation X, Boomers, Silents, and the G.I. Generation) that make up the U.S. population, their unique generational characteristics, housing choices, negotiating styles & preferred methods of communication. Each group is affected by current market constraints, often with challenges that are unique to their station in life.

Award Winning Real Estate Home Study Online Exam

Order the easy-to-understand Course material and expert guided Power Point Tutorial
  • Study at your own pace
  • Take and pass the online exam
  • Upon successful completion you will be entitled to:
  • Become a GHS™ and promote your accomplishment to generate new
        business as the "agent of choice".
  • Use the trademarked GHS™ logo on all of your marketing materials
  • Be listed in the referral network
  • Membership in the GHS™ Council with no annual fee
  • FREE behavior tendency analysis using DISC
    At the End of this Course, You Will be Able to do the Following:
    • Identify the unique characteristics of each Generation
    • Understand the economic issues that affect each Generation
    • Identify housing choice trends by Generation
    • Choose the best technological media to target each Generation
    • Benefit from enhanced negotiating technique
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